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Integrated Informatics Institute

Advances in technology transverse all specialties and facets of both practice and personal life. The 2020 Summer Meetings and Exhibition will feature Integrated Informatics Institute content across all four concurrent meetings: Medication Safety Collaborative, Ambulatory Care Conference, Specialty Pharmacy, Influencers and Innovators.
Regardless of which community you select as your primary meeting, you can attend any of the sessions and events happening across any of the other communities. A total of 11 sessions will feature informatics and technology focused education and include the following highlights:

  • Digital Medicine: Impact on Pharmacy Practice
  • Oddis Colloquium: Ethics of Big Data, Part 1 & 2
  • IHI National Action Plan for Patient Safety
  • Blockchain for Healthcare - The Innovation We Need or a Distracting Waste of Resources?
  • New Frontier in Med Safety - Incorporating Technology Innovations
  • Systems and Choices: Measuring the Inputs to Safe Care
  • AI: Focus on Specialty Pharmacy
  • Impacting Patient Care Safety: Data Hacks from Payer Claims Rejections
  • Excel Workshop: Data Visualization Solutions, Part 1 & 2

i3View the Schedule at a Glance for a complete overview. Sessions featuring the integrated Informatics Institute content are identified on the schedule with this icon.