About Boston

Where Tradition and Innovation Interact

Boston is much more than a place known for its historical landmarks. One look at the changing skyline and it is clear that this cosmopolitan hub continues on a revolutionary path. The Hynes Convention Center’s location in the Back Bay neighborhood is the perfect base for exploring both the historical and the contemporary after a full day at the Summer Meetings. Public transportation is readily available and many destinations are walkable.

Whether you are looking to sample traditional New England seafood, dine on authentic Italian cuisine in the “North End”, or try one of the many restaurants and bistros that line the city’s streets, the dynamic dining scene won’t disappoint your palate.

While in Boston, there are many options to make the most out of your downtime.

  • Experience the excitement of a Red Sox home game at Fenway. The World Series Champions will be home during the Summer Meetings.
  • Get some fresh air while strolling the Freedom Trail, jogging the Charles River Esplanade, or visiting Boston Common.
  • Explore the personality of the unique and diverse neighborhoods.
  • Try out candlepin bowling for the first time.
  • Check out the shopping scene that suits you, whether it is small boutiques, high-end malls, or anything between.
  • Taste the latest at the city’s breweries.
  • See the sights along the water by boat, on foot, or in the famed New England Aquarium.
  • Glimpse world class art in museums and galleries, both large and small.

Visit the Boston website for more information on what awaits you this summer.